Sell Your Music


Sell Your Music

Sell your music online everywhere.

Unlimited Music Distribution and Video Distribution for One Annual Fee

No matter how many songs you want to distribute, you only pay once annually. Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs and budget, and start uploading. Plans vary based on the type of tools and the number of primary artists included.

Distribute to 45+ Digital Stores Worldwide

Distribute to all of the relevant stores around the globe. Your releases will be available where they need to be, so you reach your audience where they listen to music the most.

Be Social

Make your music available on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Fans will use your music in their posts. Select which part of each song you want available and earn revenue every time someone uses your song to create Shorts, Videos, and Reels.


UPC and ISRC codes are free.

Automated and Manual Review

Music is reviewed to make sure they follow content guidelines ensuring releases don’t get rejected by the digital stores. Please review the Content Guidelines for everything you should consider when uploading music.

Sing Along

Distribute lyrics to Apple Music/iTunes.

Audio Clips for TikTok and Ringtones

Select 30-60 second snippets to appear as previews and/or ringtones in select stores, as well as in TikTok’s music library. Choose the section of your songs most suitable for content creation.

Neighboring Rights Administration

Register recordings with the most relevant Collective Management Organizations (CMOs), such as SoundExchange (US), PPL (UK), AGEDI (ES), Acinpro (CO), and more, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve for the use of your music on radio, TV, venues, and more.

One Click Takedown Request

If you don’t like a version of a song, or just don’t want it to be live for any reason, just click the “takedown” button. Some platforms may take a few weeks to issue the takedowns but most of them will do so within 48 hours.

Artist Profile Match to Spotify and Apple Music

Make sure music delivered corresponds to the correct artist profiles on Spotify and Apple Music. Select an existing profile, or create a new one.

Advanced Plan Features

Exclude Territories

Select the territories where you want to make your music available, and exclude others as needed. 

Release Date

Schedule releases in advance and build hype. Pick the desired release date, and use the lead time to create a pre-save link to share with fans.

Release Time

Make sure songs are released simultaneously worldwide without having to wait for each local midnight, and reach fans in different regions at one specified time to create a bigger impact.

Album Editing

Use OFFstep’s Album Edit tool to make changes to your distributed releases. Edit metadata and upload new audio or cover art.

We Have Your Back(up)

If you lose or damage your original audio or artwork, don’t worry. Our system backs up all original files and keeps them safe and secure. Access and download files at any time.

Video Distribution

Deliver videos to  Apple Music, TIDAL, Boomplay, Facebook, Vevo TV and Yandex.