Market Your Music

Market Your Music

Use our marketing tools to reach more fans.

Available on our Intermediate and Advanced Plans.

YouTube Official Channel

Make your YouTube Channel an Official Artist Channel (OAC) and enjoy the benefits of having a unified and enhanced presence on YouTube. An OAC brings together all subscribers and content from your various YouTube channels into one place. Get access to a suite of YouTube tools built for artists, including Analytics for Artists, ticketing and merch features, and more. An OAC also helps fans engage with your music by automatically organizing it into sections such as albums, songs, and official music videos.

Spotify and Apple Music for Artists

Verify your Spotify and Apple Music for Artists accounts and enjoy the benefits of having more control and insights over your music. S4A and A4A are free services that allow you to manage your artist profiles, access in-depth analytics, promote your tracks, and submit your releases to editorial playlists.

Promo Art Generator

Create eye-catching promo artwork for your music releases. Customize text and select the platforms you want to feature.


Create smart links and share them with fans and track their performance. Collect emails and see where fans are from and which platforms they prefer.