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About OFFstep

Choosing OFFstep was the best move I’ve ever made in my music career. After stepping away for a while, I came back to the music world ready to dive into creating and releasing new songs.

My old distributor just wasn’t cutting it anymore-they didn’t offer the tools I needed to really grow as an artist. So, l decided not to settle for the familiar and started looking for something better. That’s when I found OFFstep. I was immediately drawn to their easy-to-navigate online portal, the detailed music analytics, and their options for music video distribution-not to mention their incredible support system. Moving my catalog to OFFstep was a breeze. Anytime I need changes, they’re on it right away. If I ever have questions, | get quick, helpful answers from real people, or even instant chat support. It’s amazing how things I’ve dreamed about for years are now happening overnight with OFFstep.

I couldn’t be happier!


OFFstep gets your music on Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon Music, Instagram, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer plus many other digital stores and streaming services.